Are You Ready for Peace of Mind?

No one goes to an attorney for a check-up. We know that when you reach out to us, you are under a lot of pressure and need a solution. Are you dealing with any of these issues?:

  • Tax liens, levies, garnishments, or lawsuits
  • Starting a business
  • Trying to figure out the best way to structure your business to save on taxes
  • Taxes that are too high
  • Business dispute, in or out of court
  • Harassment by creditors that you cannot pay?

If you answered “yes” to any of those items, give us a call.

Entrepreneurs at Heart, Attorneys by Trade

At Cramer Legal, we take an entrepreneurial approach to the practice of law. We understand the needs of small businesses because we are one, and we bring this perspective to every client, every case, and every contract.

We represent entrepreneurs and small businesses in all aspects of business formation and business operation.

Our goal is to enable entrepreneurship by working with small businesses and business owners to ensure that the proper legal protections are in place, and to use the law proactively to open business opportunities. And, when necessary, we are here to protect our clients’ rights and defend their interests in any disputes that may arise.